March Listens

Sorry for the lack of post last week, I was weighed down with an essay on Gerard Manley Hopkins :(.   I'm trying to get back on track despite having a disgusting amount of work to do. Seeing as we all mischievously celebrated April Fools Day yesterday, that must mean that today is the day to tell you what I have been listening to this March!

Paranoid – Black Sabbath

Before March, I had listened to this album once. Way back at the beginning of the University, I was SO eager that I typed up all my notes. One of my modules, Language for Literature, is 100% exam based with helluva a lot of content So, this week in particular was very content heavy. I had made about seven pages of lecture and reading notes in preparation for the seminar. The night before the seminar my boyfriend stayed over so I shut my computer off for the night. The next day, about two hours before the seminar, I went to get the seven pages of notes up only to see that my computer had deleted them. They’d gone. Disappeared. (Praise to the reliable Macbooks, right?) I knew that if I was going to get through said seminar I would NEED those notes. Despite a fit of manic tears, my boyfriend managed to squeeze the advice “jus’ War Pigs it out”. This is exactly what I did. I whipped this mega album on and managed to re-type ALL of the lecture notes and SOME of the reading within those two measly hours. I would like to thank the grace of God and Black Sabbath for getting me through that nightmare.

The other week on my radio show we were doing a “Get in the Zone” week, obviously had to include a song from this album. Since that week I’ve been listening to this album over and over. Get on it. Particularly War Pigs and Planet Caravan.

Juju – Siouxise and the Banshees

I don’t know how to describe this album. The word that immediately comes to mind is interesting. It is a gothic-art-rock album with some sort of ‘witchy’ essence that will take you to another place if you let it. Her voice is dreary but captivating, you feel like you’re getting lost in some sort of mystical world completely different to our own. This album is escapism. The guitar and instrumental work in the songs is also memorizing. If this sounds like a load of mumbling, that is because it is. Just have a listen, you’ll get me!

Fav Songs on the album: Spellbound, Voodoo Dolly, Arabian Nights.

Blossoms – Blossoms

As the name would suggest, Blossoms have a very spring-like sound. His voice is whimsical and the music is gentle. If I was summarise their album in one word, I would say pretty. They just sound pretty. These are your given indie-chill band, very easy listening. 
I also went to go see Blossoms this month! Considering their sound, I thought the gig would be a calm, relaxed one – a stretch there would be some arm in the air swaying from the crowd. I was extremely wrong. The audience seemed to be dominated by one group of people that thought Charlemagne was the kind of song you can mosh to. Honestly, the crowd kind of ruined the gig a little bit for me. Even though the crowd was annoying, the performance was ace and it was nice to see the songs performed live. What was really surprising was how much Tom Ogden actually sounds like the record. I thought he was going to be one of those acts that puts on a voice for their records that doesn’t really translate on stage, but that wasn’t the case at all. His performance was brill. Cabbage, one of the opening acts, was also sick and I would recommend giving them a listen.

Fav Songs from the album: Smashed Pianos, Cut Me and I’ll Bleed, Honey Sweet (honestly tho, it’s a really consistent album and only 40 minutes, just give it a listen!)

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