Women I Need to Thank

I am proud to call myself a feminist. This hasn’t always been the case. Looking through my blog I found a post written in 2015 about Feminism – that was the first time that I ever declared that I was a feminist and also. What inspired me to write that post, and also to be an active and proud feminist, was a plethora of women. These women sculpted me into the woman I am today. Without these women I do not know what kind of person I would have turned out to be. If there is any day to thank and show love to these women, I think #InternationalWomensDay is that day. This blog post consists of some of the women that I owe an awful lot to.

      My Mother and Nan

These are the first, and most important, women that I would like to thank for who I am today. My mother has always taught me what it was to be a strong woman, leading by example. When life is tough she gets tougher with it. I have never met a woman as strong as my mum, and probably never will. My mum didn’t teach me what it was to be a feminist, she taught me what it was to be strong, independent and aspirational. My Nan is one of my biggest supporters. Without her in my life I probably wouldn’t be as motivated, hard working and determined as I am. She too leads by example (she literally never stops) but she also ensues these virtues into me – after talking to her I feel invincible. She also taught me the value of patience, a virtue that I aim to improve every day.

    My Best Friends

At high school, everyone would say that they supported equal rights (obviously!) but no one would call themselves a feminist. It was a name you didn’t want, for some bizarre reason. I Sixth Form I met girls that were happy to call themselves feminists and to openly confront anyone who went against it. These are the girls that gave me the confidence to finally call myself a feminist and to openly talk about feminism. Surrounding yourself by likeminded people is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

      Caitlin Moran

After reading her book ‘How to Be a Woman’, I finally felt like I had some direction as a feminist. I knew that I wanted equal rights, but that is SO vague. Where do you even start with “equal rights”? This book put into words things that I had been thinking for years. It was therapeutic to read and remains one of my favourite books – three years after reading it. Caitlin is also inspiring personally as she was not born into a hugely privileged background, like a lot of feminist voices (take Emma Watson for example). Caitlin came from a similar background as myself, to me she represents this hope of being able to do exactly what I want with my life regardless of the challenges.

Leena Norms and Hannah Witton

If you don’t know who these two are, they are two YouTubers that vocalise a lot of issues and questions – many of those issues and questions revolve around feminism. I source a lot of my inspiration as a feminist from these to women. I’ve even wrote a blog post about Hannah’s video “Do I look like a Slut?” because I was just as angry about the topic she was talking about, she put into words exactly what I’d been thinking. Leena divulges into some serious questions about feminism and intelligently answers how feminism operates in the world. I found her video “the truth about being chubby” eye opening. It discussed the complications of weight loss and feminism, something that I had never properly thought about before. Hannah and Leena along with Lucy Moon (who is also brilliant!) host a podcast called “Banging Book Club”, which promotes books written by women, or books on women’s issues. As an English Literature undergrad who has only studied three female texts her whole academic career, this podcast is thoroughly inspiring and refreshing.

These aren’t the only women who have inspired me. Women like Simone De Bouvoir, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, Carol Anne Duffy, Naomi Wolf, Warsan Shire, Emma Watson, Mrs. Hodgkinson my Business studies teacher and so many more have made an impact on my life and who I am today. As women, it is so important to support, inspire and motivate other women – this is me doing exactly that. I hope you had a lovely #InternationalWomensDay.

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