February Listens

It's time for round #2 of my 'Listens' series. This month has been one of both new bounty, but also  rediscovery. It is nice at the end of each month to reflect on what I have listened to, it puts you back into the emotion you were feeling all month. Over February, I feel like overcome a few of my vices, in particular my analysis paralysis. Whilst I still overthink, I think I've overcome my habit of letting my overthinking get to me. I owe a lot of that to the music I listen to, for dragging me out of my own head. Give these albums a listen, from me to you xox

90125 – Yes

This month, this has become my GET UP AND DO album. I suffer with a little bit of overthinking. I keep myself up and night over analysing and dissecting the tiniest little thing then making it a HUGE thing (mole hill into a mountain and all that). As you can imagine, this can make actually doing stuff a little bit difficult. However, after reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I was inspired to stop thinking and start doing. This, for some reason, has been my go-to when I’ve been on my way to do something that I would otherwise have thought myself out of. The album is consuming, memorising and practically forces you to sing along with your fist in the air - not giving you much chance to back out.

Fav Songs: Owner of a Lonely Heart, Hold On, Leave it, Changes.

Disintegration – The Cure

I was given this album MONTHS ago but every time I came to listen to it just didn’t catch my attention. I found it a little drab, I really struggled to get through it. Then one day, early February, the rain was falling from the grey sky as I walked to the train station. This was the day I fell for Gothic Rock. The day I fell for The Cure. Maybe it was the rain, maybe I was feeling a bit hormonal so the drama of the songs particularly resonated with me – I don’t really know. Since that day this has been one of my favourite albums to listen to. I feel it when I listen to it. It's a very atmospheric album, an album that really takes you to another place. Similar to how I feel about The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead, I think it’ll be a rainy day album for me, because the melancholy tunes just match that weather. Luckily, there has been a lot of rainy days this month!

Fav Songs: Lullaby, Prayer for the Rain, Lovesong, Pictures of You

I Love you, Honey Bear – Father John Misty

the album art is also amazin'.

Father John Misty has been my true love of the month. Unlike other two listens, I had never listened to Father John Misty before – a new discovery (although I had listened to Fleet Foxes). Every Thursday (11-1) I do a radio show on BurnFM; it’s a request show with a theme each week. We had a love/sexy theme the week before Valentines – Father John was requested. It was love at first note. His lyrics are gentle and genuine – addictive. I’m still trying to decipher what half of his songs are actually to about, because there is such a contradiction between tone and lyrics…but I think that is half fun I am having with him.

Fav Songs: I Love You, Honey Bear, I Went to the Store One Day, The Ideal Husband, Bored in the USA

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