Personal Style and How to Find It

Sitting in Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, waiting for our over-priced breakfasts, my boyfriend and I were chatting about personal style. Specifically, how our style reflects who we are. My personal style is a huge part of who I am, so I thought I would divulge a little on it and how I came to find it. 

Three Words to Describe My Style

Is a term I would use for my personal style. I like things to look classic. This often means very vintage and timeless pieces - but most of all black things. High necks, shirts and bardot tops are all on the list for my favourite classic pieces. These are the kind of things that you would invest in and wear throughout seasons, so you don't mind buying them because you know that you're going to get a lot of wear out of them. I think a "classic" cut of an item gives you this "vintage" vibe without looking so retro that it is a bit of a statement.

I like things to look classic, but my favourite thing to do with something that is quite classic is to mix it up with something a little out there. I love weird things and incorporating them into my outfits, especially with accessories. I LOVE patterns, particularly on my bottom half. I live for groovy skirts and funky trousers. Going to charity shops and vintage stores for this sort of thing because you can find some amazing quirky pieces for SO cheap (you could almost justify 'cheap' being a defining word for my style lmao).

If I could choose an era to live it would probably be the eighties. I love the bright colours and obnoxious designs of things. I think my love for eighties is what fuels my interest in "quirky" items. I take inspiration from New Romantics like Boy George for all the colour and wildness but also that whole witchy-hippy thing that Stevie Nicks was rocking in the eighties. What I like to do is take a certain look from the eighties and try and make it a little more tame for the everyday millennial, not too out there that it looks like you’re about to go perform a one-woman show in the Hippodrome.

Finding my Style
 The most important thing about personal style is feeling comfortable. This doesn't just mean the physicality of feeling comfortable otherwise we'd all be in leggings and hoodies. Being comfortable is more about how we feel with ourselves when we wear certain outfits or items. My favourite outfits are ones that I just feel myself in, I feel in my comfort zone. I can’t describe the feeling; you just dig it. You just feel like you are meant to be wearing that outfit over another one.
If you want to change your personal style, my top advice would be to just go with what you like. It sounds mega obvious, but I think we often get side-tracked by what is so in right now that we forget what we actually like. When you're shopping look for pieces that catch your eye - the pieces that if someone else were wearing them you'd have to ask them where they had got it from.

My final little bit of advice for finding your personal style is finding some inspiration. As I spoke about above I get a lot of my inspiration from the eighties, but I also find it from a plethora of bloggers that are hanging around on the internet (like Orion, Arden Rose, Lucy Moon, Lily Melrose). When you find some good, relevent fashion inspiration their Instagram’s become a catalogue of pieces that you can buy online and will almost definitely love.

Women I Need to Thank

I am proud to call myself a feminist. This hasn’t always been the case. Looking through my blog I found a post written in 2015 about Feminism – that was the first time that I ever declared that I was a feminist and also. What inspired me to write that post, and also to be an active and proud feminist, was a plethora of women. These women sculpted me into the woman I am today. Without these women I do not know what kind of person I would have turned out to be. If there is any day to thank and show love to these women, I think #InternationalWomensDay is that day. This blog post consists of some of the women that I owe an awful lot to.

      My Mother and Nan

These are the first, and most important, women that I would like to thank for who I am today. My mother has always taught me what it was to be a strong woman, leading by example. When life is tough she gets tougher with it. I have never met a woman as strong as my mum, and probably never will. My mum didn’t teach me what it was to be a feminist, she taught me what it was to be strong, independent and aspirational. My Nan is one of my biggest supporters. Without her in my life I probably wouldn’t be as motivated, hard working and determined as I am. She too leads by example (she literally never stops) but she also ensues these virtues into me – after talking to her I feel invincible. She also taught me the value of patience, a virtue that I aim to improve every day.

    My Best Friends

At high school, everyone would say that they supported equal rights (obviously!) but no one would call themselves a feminist. It was a name you didn’t want, for some bizarre reason. I Sixth Form I met girls that were happy to call themselves feminists and to openly confront anyone who went against it. These are the girls that gave me the confidence to finally call myself a feminist and to openly talk about feminism. Surrounding yourself by likeminded people is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

      Caitlin Moran

After reading her book ‘How to Be a Woman’, I finally felt like I had some direction as a feminist. I knew that I wanted equal rights, but that is SO vague. Where do you even start with “equal rights”? This book put into words things that I had been thinking for years. It was therapeutic to read and remains one of my favourite books – three years after reading it. Caitlin is also inspiring personally as she was not born into a hugely privileged background, like a lot of feminist voices (take Emma Watson for example). Caitlin came from a similar background as myself, to me she represents this hope of being able to do exactly what I want with my life regardless of the challenges.

Leena Norms and Hannah Witton

If you don’t know who these two are, they are two YouTubers that vocalise a lot of issues and questions – many of those issues and questions revolve around feminism. I source a lot of my inspiration as a feminist from these to women. I’ve even wrote a blog post about Hannah’s video “Do I look like a Slut?” because I was just as angry about the topic she was talking about, she put into words exactly what I’d been thinking. Leena divulges into some serious questions about feminism and intelligently answers how feminism operates in the world. I found her video “the truth about being chubby” eye opening. It discussed the complications of weight loss and feminism, something that I had never properly thought about before. Hannah and Leena along with Lucy Moon (who is also brilliant!) host a podcast called “Banging Book Club”, which promotes books written by women, or books on women’s issues. As an English Literature undergrad who has only studied three female texts her whole academic career, this podcast is thoroughly inspiring and refreshing.

These aren’t the only women who have inspired me. Women like Simone De Bouvoir, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, Carol Anne Duffy, Naomi Wolf, Warsan Shire, Emma Watson, Mrs. Hodgkinson my Business studies teacher and so many more have made an impact on my life and who I am today. As women, it is so important to support, inspire and motivate other women – this is me doing exactly that. I hope you had a lovely #InternationalWomensDay.

February Listens

It's time for round #2 of my 'Listens' series. This month has been one of both new bounty, but also  rediscovery. It is nice at the end of each month to reflect on what I have listened to, it puts you back into the emotion you were feeling all month. Over February, I feel like overcome a few of my vices, in particular my analysis paralysis. Whilst I still overthink, I think I've overcome my habit of letting my overthinking get to me. I owe a lot of that to the music I listen to, for dragging me out of my own head. Give these albums a listen, from me to you xox

90125 – Yes

This month, this has become my GET UP AND DO album. I suffer with a little bit of overthinking. I keep myself up and night over analysing and dissecting the tiniest little thing then making it a HUGE thing (mole hill into a mountain and all that). As you can imagine, this can make actually doing stuff a little bit difficult. However, after reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I was inspired to stop thinking and start doing. This, for some reason, has been my go-to when I’ve been on my way to do something that I would otherwise have thought myself out of. The album is consuming, memorising and practically forces you to sing along with your fist in the air - not giving you much chance to back out.

Fav Songs: Owner of a Lonely Heart, Hold On, Leave it, Changes.

Disintegration – The Cure

I was given this album MONTHS ago but every time I came to listen to it just didn’t catch my attention. I found it a little drab, I really struggled to get through it. Then one day, early February, the rain was falling from the grey sky as I walked to the train station. This was the day I fell for Gothic Rock. The day I fell for The Cure. Maybe it was the rain, maybe I was feeling a bit hormonal so the drama of the songs particularly resonated with me – I don’t really know. Since that day this has been one of my favourite albums to listen to. I feel it when I listen to it. It's a very atmospheric album, an album that really takes you to another place. Similar to how I feel about The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead, I think it’ll be a rainy day album for me, because the melancholy tunes just match that weather. Luckily, there has been a lot of rainy days this month!

Fav Songs: Lullaby, Prayer for the Rain, Lovesong, Pictures of You

I Love you, Honey Bear – Father John Misty

the album art is also amazin'.

Father John Misty has been my true love of the month. Unlike other two listens, I had never listened to Father John Misty before – a new discovery (although I had listened to Fleet Foxes). Every Thursday (11-1) I do a radio show on BurnFM; it’s a request show with a theme each week. We had a love/sexy theme the week before Valentines – Father John was requested. It was love at first note. His lyrics are gentle and genuine – addictive. I’m still trying to decipher what half of his songs are actually to about, because there is such a contradiction between tone and lyrics…but I think that is half fun I am having with him.

Fav Songs: I Love You, Honey Bear, I Went to the Store One Day, The Ideal Husband, Bored in the USA