3 Steps to Sleeping like a PRO!

If you're anything like me bed time is a nightmare (lmao the pun). I feel like I am tired allll day, right up until I have to get in bed and actually go to sleep. My lack of ability to sleep has especially been impacting me since this past Christmas. Consistently dragging myself through days on four hours sleep and copious amounts of caffeine was starting to take its toll. I did a little research on how to sleep, which was a tedious task however I did actually find a few O.K. tips that have been helping me. I thought I'd share my findings in case anyone is struggling!

 1) Have a Bed Time Routine

I am guilty of working right up until I get in to my bed. This may be an effective way of getting done what I need done however it means that my lil ol' brain has no chance to unwind and relax before I want it to sleep. My ticking brain will be running for hours contemplating the most ridiculous things and this not only keeps me awake but even wakes me up more!
 So, my top tip: make a point of having a going to bed routine. Get out of work clothes and in to PJ's, take your time washing your face then maybe reading a book or watching something fairly lax on your computer (maybe a documentary?). The routine will relax your brain and also let your body know that now is time for the sleep

2) Sleepy Time Playlist

I didn't think this was a thing, but it really does help. Once you're in bed an ready to sleep, pop yourself a soothing album or playlist to. The music/sounds distract you from late-night-thinking and put you into a lovely drifting away mood. ALSO, since listening to the same album every night (Solid Air by John Martyn) for a couple weeks, when I hear his album I automatically feel sleepy. My brain just seems to associate his sweet lil folk singin' to bed time. As I am a top pal to ye, I've also made a "Sleepy Time" playlist on Spotify for you to give a go!

(p.s. there is a fair few John Martyn in there ngl, but he is a fave!.)


This is something that I read on Cosmo and thought it was something that would work for Cher Horowitz and not me. It is the 4-7-8 trick. It is a great idea, and its origins are from meditation practices, but I spend more time focusing on how I'm breathing than relaxing and falling to sleep. SO, what I would recommend is focusing on taking deep inhales and long exhales when trying to sleep. You're using minimal focus (unlike the 4-7-8) but still distracting your brain from overthinking its way to 3am. 

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