Red Skies | N. P. Welch

Have you ever been so in love
with a moment you can see
the sounds around you?
Your best friend's laugh leaves an
imprint in your eyes and
the champagne bubbles in your stomach
explode in celebration of this long awaited

Happiness, I think, is no more an emotion than
it is a state of being.
a level up in life, I have won
yes - I have won.
I am surrounded by the gold coins and the high scores
of my own euphoria. 

Of course like any game,
you must compete to remain golden. 
You must stretch you smile, tone your laugh,
sweeten your tears. Relish in the
glory of

Red skies end the day, shepherds delight,
and the only sounds you will see is the
patter of rain over green grass and granite.
Your best friends laugh is still imprinted in your eyes, but the champagne bubbles have long popped.
They have managed to escape the
eternity of a night that you are shackled to.

Have you ever been so in love
with a moment you can see
it pass right by you?
It slips through your open fingers that can
barley grasp the concept of ‘youth’.
ennui, I have lived.
                        Ennui; I am done

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