Hi there,
Long time, no blog. 
For once, my hiatus was purposeful. I've been stuck thinking in what direction I've wanted to take my blog. I'm not a flat-sided kind of person, I'm interested in everything. This is what makes it so hard to decide what I want to do - I want to do everything.
Lifestyle. Beauty. Fiction. Fashion. Music. TV. Films. Thoughts. Anything.
I had been treating my interesteverything as a weakness, when in fact I should have been treating it as my greatest strength. 
The best blog posts, article, books, films or youtube videos are the ones that keep you asking questions. The ones you'll watch/read over and over again. They keep you interested even after they've finished. That's what I want to achieve.
Fundamentally, I want an 'interesting' blog. 

Well, okay, what does that mean?
It means that I want to get YOU interested in things. I want to get you passionate about things. Perhaps that thing is Philosophy, perhaps literature, perhaps the Urban Decay Smokey Palette. I want to get you interested in the world around you, possibly the world that isn't around you?

This is all. 

So, enjoy this picture of  fruit and veg that I didn't take. (#ThanksG)