drunk (+party pictures)

We were all around the camp fire. It was the same field we had been coming to for the past two summers. We found it in between Tammy’s house and Ell’s house when we were looking for a shortcut to Alex’s house. It wasn’t hard to find, but the nettles made it hard to get to. We didn’t mind the nettles though, they were our first and only defence against the real world. 
 It was 12:07AM and my friends were now dancing to trashy chart music, fueled by liquid happiness and ready to make the memories they’d tell their children. Eliza seemed to think she was in a music video as her arm waved in the air and pulled Charlie into join. He was only on his first cider which meant he was not ready to do his infamous strip tease that we all secretly anticipated. If we could catch that on video, we would have the next internet sensation. I thought about running up with my vodka lemonade and throwing it down his throat to speed the process up, but I was too comfortable. 
 His arms wrapped around me and my head squeezed in the nook of his shoulder and chin. This wasn't a romance movie; he was too tall even for me so his shoulder dug into my cheek bone. I was too high off the smell his cheap cologne and Smirnoff to care about my smudged make-up.
Our fingers gently slipped together, like a well-executed accident. My hands are almost as big as his, I was blessed with my father’s huge hands - and my mother’s weird feet. His head turns, so that his nose was buried in my hair. He placed a kiss on my crown. Then he turns back to watch Charlie’s Magic Mike Impression, camera at the ready.
(pictures of real life drunk squad)

**I would like to clarify that this is all fiction. I don't have a love life and we have never made a campfire. However, my drunk friends are the best and somewhat inspired my short story. 

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