Post-Exam Thoughts

I have just finished my AS Exams. 
They were, without doubt, the most challenging and frustrating things that I have had to do in my life.    They are the reason that I have had to force blogging onto the back burner for the past six months. Blogging is something that I honestly enjoy, but no matter how much I promised and planned posts I could not write anything of decent content. 
However, they're all done now! I'm all yours!

I did want to discuss exams a little bit, though.
Should an hour, or two hour, exam define your intellect or knowledge of a subject that you have been studying for a year (or more)?
I understand that if you're devoted to a subject and study it profusely that in theory an exam should be a breeze. You should get your A and into the University or career of your dreams. However, some of the smartest people I know have struggled with exams. Two-essays in a hour and twenty minutes is really hard to do to well!

What do you think about exams? 
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