find yourself

The only thing that you will ever have in the whole universe is YOU. 
That is necessary. 
The only eyes you will ever see this world through is your eyes. 
That is also necessary. 
The only thoughts you will ever experience are your thoughts.
The only dreams you will ever have are your dreams.

So why do we invest ourselves so much into society and other people?
Honestly, how do we even truly know they really exist?
Perhaps everyone in this universe that we see and feel and experience are figments of our imagination. Perhaps we live in our own world. Perhaps we build our own limitations. 

This wasn’t meant to induce an existential crisis (pinky swear). 
I just wanted to provoke some thoughts. 
Recently I was thinking, thinking about goals and ambitions, my five year plan.
I looked down at the scribbles in my journal, fathomed what I had put, then scratched my dreams off the paper. 

“What would people think if I decided to do that?”
“I couldn’t do that.”
“Oh my Gosh, I’d look so weird.”

I’m not oblivious to the fact that social constructs heavily deem who we are and what we do. 
I just never realised how heavily that influence was.
 I feel that sometimes we lose ourselves, the only thing we ever truly have, in society.
Potentially, if Gorgias of Leontini was on to something, we lose the only thing that must be true to something that we may have made up.

This was crazy-lady speak for the only real limitation on our goals is ourselves. So, find yourself and reach those dreams.