Red Skies | N. P. Welch

Have you ever been so in love
with a moment you can see
the sounds around you?
Your best friend's laugh leaves an
imprint in your eyes and
the champagne bubbles in your stomach
explode in celebration of this long awaited

Happiness, I think, is no more an emotion than
it is a state of being.
a level up in life, I have won
yes - I have won.
I am surrounded by the gold coins and the high scores
of my own euphoria. 

Of course like any game,
you must compete to remain golden. 
You must stretch you smile, tone your laugh,
sweeten your tears. Relish in the
glory of

Red skies end the day, shepherds delight,
and the only sounds you will see is the
patter of rain over green grass and granite.
Your best friends laugh is still imprinted in your eyes, but the champagne bubbles have long popped.
They have managed to escape the
eternity of a night that you are shackled to.

Have you ever been so in love
with a moment you can see
it pass right by you?
It slips through your open fingers that can
barley grasp the concept of ‘youth’.
ennui, I have lived.
                        Ennui; I am done

Fat Shaming and Nicole Arbour | RoarItsNat

Food and I have had a really rocky relationship. 
From about the age of twelve to around sixteen, I would either skip 2/3 meals a day or walk around the garden for three hours trying to work some of the food I had ate off.
I wasn't medically overweight or in anyway endangering my health with what I was eating, I just wasn't what the media and society portrayed as "thin".
I understood that not everyone is meant to look like the covergirl of cosmo, the real problem is that as a society we make 'fat', 'jiggly' or 'chubby' one of the worst things you could be.
As an introduction to this post I would like to clarify that anyone who body-shames you are shallow. In this world there are far worst things a human could be other than fat; selfish, arrogant, dishonest, cruel... a bully. So shall we not penalise human beings for their appearance. If, as an individual, you are happy and healthy - good for you!

However, I wanted to talk specifically about Nicole Arbour, a.k.a Fat-Shaming Bitch of the internet. Unless you're a recluse, you may have noticed that the internet has blown up recently - because of this woman. She recently posted a 'satirical' video called "Dear Fat People," in which she claimed she was being a "ride or die" friend telling her audience the cold-hard, skinny truth. 

There was a lot about this video that was wrong, let's begin with the part where she neglected to identify not everyone has the "privilege" of being thin. Thyroid issues, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, antidepressants, Prolactinoma (etc.), these are all conditions, or side effect or medication for conditions that make you gain weight. I have linked a video down below of an intelligent, successful and beautiful woman who has suffered from thyroid issues and has struggled with self image and weight. Ignorant people, like Nicole, tend to only see a very small part of overweight or obese people. Yes, some people do need to lose weight and be more healthy - they could live a longer life for it. However, shaming videos like yours  criminalise the people that can't do anything about it and make them feel worse. 

Furthermore, if you're going to address your video to 'fat people' are you going to define a "fat person"? Is a fat person a jiggly size 12? Do they have to hit the plus size range? Is a fat person someone who eats unhealthily and doesn't exercise? Heard of a metabolism? People can be slim and not be healthy. You really don't have a little leg to stand on trying to justify calling "fat people" unhealthy unless you address other cases - which you didn't. If you were really that concerned, ride or die friend, shouldn't the video be titled "Dear Unhealthy People"? Also, if you were trying to properly do good, you would've enable discussion to talk about this on your video, like a forum. You didn't. 

You're playing a sensitive issue for attention. And then you make out like the worse thing to be is fat.

Finally, I wanted to address the skinny privileged. You have heard of the white-privelledge, the straight-privelledge, the male-privelledge - well there is a skinny one too! Nicole, you have probably never got dirty looks when you've bought food in public, or had shop assistants ask if you were looking for the 'larger-range that is just as nice', or heard whispering as you walk past that sounds a lot like 'so fucking lazy'. The 'fat' people that supposedly support you have most likely have been conditioned to think that skinny is the only way, they're used to derogatory comments so your video was nothing but old news. Coming from a privileged person in this situation, you should have handled it better. No matter how but you try and camouflage it with satire, you bullied  a mass of people from a privileged position - that is not ok.



Hi there,
Long time, no blog. 
For once, my hiatus was purposeful. I've been stuck thinking in what direction I've wanted to take my blog. I'm not a flat-sided kind of person, I'm interested in everything. This is what makes it so hard to decide what I want to do - I want to do everything.
Lifestyle. Beauty. Fiction. Fashion. Music. TV. Films. Thoughts. Anything.
I had been treating my interesteverything as a weakness, when in fact I should have been treating it as my greatest strength. 
The best blog posts, article, books, films or youtube videos are the ones that keep you asking questions. The ones you'll watch/read over and over again. They keep you interested even after they've finished. That's what I want to achieve.
Fundamentally, I want an 'interesting' blog. 

Well, okay, what does that mean?
It means that I want to get YOU interested in things. I want to get you passionate about things. Perhaps that thing is Philosophy, perhaps literature, perhaps the Urban Decay Smokey Palette. I want to get you interested in the world around you, possibly the world that isn't around you?

This is all. 

So, enjoy this picture of  fruit and veg that I didn't take. (#ThanksG)

drunk (+party pictures)

We were all around the camp fire. It was the same field we had been coming to for the past two summers. We found it in between Tammy’s house and Ell’s house when we were looking for a shortcut to Alex’s house. It wasn’t hard to find, but the nettles made it hard to get to. We didn’t mind the nettles though, they were our first and only defence against the real world. 
 It was 12:07AM and my friends were now dancing to trashy chart music, fueled by liquid happiness and ready to make the memories they’d tell their children. Eliza seemed to think she was in a music video as her arm waved in the air and pulled Charlie into join. He was only on his first cider which meant he was not ready to do his infamous strip tease that we all secretly anticipated. If we could catch that on video, we would have the next internet sensation. I thought about running up with my vodka lemonade and throwing it down his throat to speed the process up, but I was too comfortable. 
 His arms wrapped around me and my head squeezed in the nook of his shoulder and chin. This wasn't a romance movie; he was too tall even for me so his shoulder dug into my cheek bone. I was too high off the smell his cheap cologne and Smirnoff to care about my smudged make-up.
Our fingers gently slipped together, like a well-executed accident. My hands are almost as big as his, I was blessed with my father’s huge hands - and my mother’s weird feet. His head turns, so that his nose was buried in my hair. He placed a kiss on my crown. Then he turns back to watch Charlie’s Magic Mike Impression, camera at the ready.
(pictures of real life drunk squad)

**I would like to clarify that this is all fiction. I don't have a love life and we have never made a campfire. However, my drunk friends are the best and somewhat inspired my short story.