You're a Slut.


Let's talk about something serious - really that's all I seem to be doing on this blog. 
I wanted to talk about being a slut. Don't click away just yet, this is not a blog post giving you My Top Ten Tips to be a Slut. I suppose really it doesn't just apply to the word slut either, apply whore, tramp (sexually), loose woman, floozy etc etc.

A slut my dictionary definition is a woman who has many sexual partners; promiscuous. 
This alone is a misogynistic definition that us GIRLS too throw around at each other so nonchalantly.
Only a woman can be a slut according to definition, a slut is (accurately phrased by Urban Dictionary) a woman with the morals of a man. It follows the lock and key theory. The theory that a key (penis) that can unlock many locks is a good key, but a lock (vagina) that can be opened by many keys is a bad lock. A man can simply do whatever he pleases with whoever he pleases but if a woman were to do this it's wrong? 

The double standards of society are still so in place it's horrifying. 
After almost a hundred years from receiving the vote you'd think we'd have made some more cultural progress, yet if women are anything but prim, proper and a pretty little virgin we are worthless. On the other hand if we are not well experienced, ready for our men, we are just as pointless too. The dreaded double ended sword.

Oh no, it does not end there. A woman does not even have to actually sleep with thirty-seven men to be acclaimed a slut, merely showing to much skin can earn her that title. It's like we want to pull the leashes on women feeling completely confident in whatever they're wearing yet men can parade around shirtless without anyone blinking an eyelid. This is not bashing men, but if men have the right to walk around half naked, then women should too without the restraint of being thought less of a good person for doing so.

Now, trying to make this small thing matter is hard because the word is used so naturally that by men AND women that it almost doesn't even matter anymore. Whether you regularly get called a slut, or if that is the last trait someone would associate with you, I think we need to set it in stone that this is NOT okay. Okay, so cheating and being promiscuous is not a good thing but it should not make you a slut  but a bad, horrible person. Furthermore, if as a society we want to frown upon such promiscuity, don't disregard men.

I personally feel that we should stop using this word.
Whether we're jokingly greeting our friends with "Hey slut" or "Boo you, whore" or in a screaming match because  that other woman touched your bae, stop using it. It is just as important for women not slam each other with this insults as it is for a man not to use them.
The human brain is an extraordinary thing; learn some new words.

It's little things, such as this, that is really stopping us from being equal.
We need to change our culture and habits, not just our laws.

Humanity and Random Acts of Kindness

Only the other day I was listening to the news and they were reporting about a young girl who had been missing for a month or so and after a finding a body in a lake near her house the police were now launching a murder inquiry. You're probably thinking, yes...and?
Well, that's the thing. How can we live in such a hopeless world where we take murders and rape allegations so in our stride? What a pessimistic species we are?

This really got me thinking, are we really that bad? Is the reason Aliens have never made contact with us because we are such a maliciously cynical race? In fact, if Aliens tapped into our Internet and saw the unequal civil stance of male or female, coloured or white. They saw the wars and conflict. They saw the abuse and lack of freedom. Well...I would want to visit here either!

It all sounds pretty awful, doesn't it?

However, I have a theory. I have a theory that we only take notice of the bad things because they're more interesting, they ring louder than good thing.

The bad things are a noisy minority.

I thought that I would write ten little things, reasons, why the world isn't all that bad. They're only small things, things that may happen in your everyday life; but the little things can really be quite wonderful!

1) I was trying to juggle the contents of my bag when I dropped my folder and notes, someone helped me pick them up.
2) My friend dropped a £10 note and not noticed, this person chased her down the road to give it her back.
3) I didn't have enough change for lunch, so someone borrowed me some money.
4) I was at work when the customer I was serving told me I had lipstick on my teeth so I didn't look like an idiot for the rest of my shift.
5) My friend lent me her own DVD despite the fact she'd known me about a day and I could've easily broken or stolen it.
6) My great grandma, who is rather frail, recently flew to Italy. On her return flight a young man gave his much more comfortable and roomy window seat to her.
7) My Nan was visiting my great-grandmother in hospital, on her way out a very busy person held the door open for her.
8) I was in the supermarket earlier this week, just to buy some Soya Milk and the man in front of myself with more items let me go in first in the queue.
9) In the hospital the other evening, the tea lady gave all my great grandmothers visitors - all four of them and my grandmother - a cup of tea despite the fact she was only obliged to serve my grandmother.
10) I've started a new college recently, and all my friends were in lessons or not in, I was on my own. However, this person I sort-of-but-not-really knew let me crash her friendship group.