Originally, I was going to write a blog post about the latest on the fashion weeks. Because I enjoy fashion; not because I am a girl and that is what girls like. I like fashion because I feel it can express what words can't.
However, I feel like talking about something other that Dior or Armani or oh-mi-gosh the Versace! And that is feminism. 

You may have got washed up in the wave of the Emma Watson UN speech or possibly the back fire of an ignorant misogynistic man's Youtube video; but I want to explain why I am a Feminist. Although it shouldn't need justifying, I feeling like merely claiming that as a characteristic of myself suggests I am a man-loathing, socially unaccepted, cosmetic reject. I'm not. 

I am a Feminist.

I was always tall for my age. And until about 11 I thought that being tall was fine. What was wrong with it really? I didn't notice that people were short or tall or little or large. Male or female. I didn't have socially inflicted catagories.
You were you, and to be honest, little else mattered. Especially something that you can do little to change. I mean, I can't make myself shorter; maybe you can't make yourself taller. There shouldn't be a problem.
But at 11, my (short) dance teacher who I had visually outgrown mockingly told me that 'At least a boy will never be shorter than me', insinuating I'd need some luck to find one taller than me.
For years this was haunting. I grew envious of the girls who were shorter. In my mind, shorter = prettier. My confidence hit rock bottom and, to be quite honest, I blame sexism. 

A sexist society teaches that unless you look a certain way, behave a certain way; you are worthless. 
A man should be the dominant counterpart, and the woman merely a shadow. It's hard for a shorter man to shadow a taller woman.
 I can't imagine it being too reassuring for a man either; if you weren't athletic, tall and handsome. 

It took me five years to realize I don't have to prep myself for a man.
To realize I am not worthless if I don't have one.
To realize what the real problem was.

The problem isn't being too tall, too small, too big, too thin, too smart, too stupid, too perfect, or too ugly.
 The problem was the social constructs we live in.
The problem lay in the inequality of gender. 

Women can be strong without a male backbone.
We can be anything we want to be.

Now, I am a feminist.
And I want gender equality.

I don't want my little sisters to grow up thinking that they can never be or do something because they are a woman.
I don't want my little sisters to grow up and feel how I felt at 11; not good enough because they don't fit in to how a woman should be.
I don't want my little sisters to be subject to sexual harassment, then be accused of provoking that torture rather than persecuting the person behind. 

We are not girls or boys. 
Okay, biologically we're different.
But, biologically, we're all human.


  1. Probs the best post I have read in ages! Well done :)

    Lorraine x