Tamed Hippy | #OOTD

I hope you're all very well. I would be better but I have to go work! 
I'm only kidding, I actually quite like work.
But it does mean you have to obtain a certain dress code. A kind of casual-smart attire that we feel comfortable enough in. 

I really like simple clothing with one simple piece to dress the whole outfit up. Here I am obviously just wearing  a black cami top and grey (lilac undertone) jeans. Uber-simple and comfortable. 

 This Kimono literally is so airy and flowy and calm that I feel like a hippy.
But keeping the jeans and cami a little more form fitting it make the overall ensemble still look smart.
Also, the variety of pastel colours that are on this Kimono make it so easy to wear, regardless of the event you are wearing it to.

Cami (it's Primark, but here is something similar)

Is anyone else digging that whole Kimono vibe? 
Because I've literally bought three in the last month!

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