Tamed Hippy | #OOTD

I hope you're all very well. I would be better but I have to go work! 
I'm only kidding, I actually quite like work.
But it does mean you have to obtain a certain dress code. A kind of casual-smart attire that we feel comfortable enough in. 

I really like simple clothing with one simple piece to dress the whole outfit up. Here I am obviously just wearing  a black cami top and grey (lilac undertone) jeans. Uber-simple and comfortable. 

 This Kimono literally is so airy and flowy and calm that I feel like a hippy.
But keeping the jeans and cami a little more form fitting it make the overall ensemble still look smart.
Also, the variety of pastel colours that are on this Kimono make it so easy to wear, regardless of the event you are wearing it to.

Cami (it's Primark, but here is something similar)

Is anyone else digging that whole Kimono vibe? 
Because I've literally bought three in the last month!

My Lazy Day Face

We all have those days.
Those days where you would much rather stay in your puppy-themed pj's, cuddled up watching Teen Wolf re-runs (or any applicable TV show. The Originals, Awkward or Once Upon a Time are also personal favourites). But alas, we have to venture outside our  humble room into the wilderness of our town. Our town that probably has human beings that we'd rather not bump into looking like a drowned hamster and closer to Keira Knightly running errands (a girl can hope, right?)
So, here is the make-up I'd use to mimic the appearance of more than 3 hours sleep and hopefully prevent scaring any villagers. 

 As you'll see as we go along, all these products are fairly cheap, as on 'I cannot be bothered' days I don't really want to be using all my rather expensive, 'best' make-up. 
This is the product just about everyone and there mother raves about. The Collection Lasting Perfection, in my opinion, is ideal for lazy days. It's very full coverage, this is good because I don't really want to wear a foundation. On lazy days the last thing I want to be doing is hauling foundation off later on, so keep it simple with just minimal concealer.
I dab this under the eyes and on any problem areas.
 This is the Accessorize blush in the shade Scandal and possibly one of my all time favourite blushes. It doubles up as a highlighter which adds a nice rosy glow on our face. I like to think it gives a nice healthy illusion, as if we hadn't spent the whole night drink hot chocolate and watching Netflix (#summer)
 Now for eyes, literally all I'm going to do is apply this mascara to my top and bottom lashes as applicable. Honestly, this is by far not my favourite mascara, and that's why Maybelline Big Eyes has resorted to lazy days. I also use the hazulnutty colour (most worn colour in the top picture) to fill in my eye brows, from the MUA Matte Palette.
Finally, I moisturise the lips with a little Vaseline. You can use any lip balm you really want to but Vaseline is cheap and leaves a nice natural shine. 
The Lipstick is Midnight Mauve from Maxfactor. It's a semi-sheer, purply-pink-y colour that kind of upgrades your simple face with out screaming I LOVE LIPSTICK AND WANT TO LOOK EDGY. 
Although we all do love lipstick.
Today is just not a statement lip day.
Sorry about that! 

What are your lazy day make-up essentials?

Skin Care | KP

Hey  lovelies,
So, Keratosis Pilaris sucks right?
You know, the big, red bumpy skin you get all over your arms, legs and maybe face?
Yeah, it sucks!
I have been suffering with KP since before I can remember, and #truthtime it's probably one of my biggest insecurities. I HATE getting my arms out because it looks as if something has attacked me... obviously my arms were too ugly to actually eat.
Now, like any other insecure teenage girl I took to Google to find away to banish this pathetic insecurity. This probably made things worst as I discovered it's NOT CURABLE!
It's genetic and will never completely go away.
You can treat KP. You can get the bumps gone and you can stop the red inflammation. Want to know how? Keep reading...

This is key to get rid of all the dead skin your body hoards. Here is a link you should use to learn how to successfully exfoliate your body.

KP is a lot of dry skin. But you can't just use any old moisturiser. Use moisturiser that contains UREA or Vitamins E, D or A. Preferably E as I've found that works best for me. Also, Aqueous cream - I'm not sure what it contains - was prescribed to be throughout childhood as my KP got so bad, but if your GP won't prescribe you NO FEAR, you can get it for under £5 on the highstreet. (WARNING: Though I suffer from eczema and have never experience irritation, some people have. Bare that in mind!)

Obviously there is boundries to how much you can sun it up, and don't forget sun cream, but the sun always helps to clear my KP up. Every holiday is when I feel most confident as my skin never looks as good as when I've spent the day on the beach

Hopefully, this is going to help you get your dream skin!
Lots of Love.