PROM 2014

Hey lovers, 

If any of you follow me on Twitter - which, by the way, you all should @RoaritsNat - you would know from the uncanny amount of exam stress tweets that I have finished high school. My school hosted a Summer Ball for all us leavers, which was just such a fun and hilarious night - one that I will carry with me forever. The friends that I have made in High School are friends that have changed the person I am, and who I will be, I will never forget them. Although I won't be staying with all these amazing people I think they deserve a shoutout for being so remarkably awesome over the last five years and you need to know how much I really love you guys.


Cheese over.


If you had a prom I hope you all had a lovely time and send me pictures. K bye, love you! 

Your Vegetarian Questions Answered

A year with no meat. Or fish. Or poultry.
Yes, I’m a vegetarian and have been for a year now.
I am quite proud, and it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. But as a vegetarian, we do get some really mundane questions that get quite annoying after about the millionth time being asked them. So I thought I’d answer some of the most commonly asked questions about my diet, for veggies to agree with, show to friends the second they ask one, or maybe to help someone decide if it’s a lifestyle change you want to make!
(Disclaimer: I am not forcing my diet on anyone, this is me just answering some questions. I am 100% okay with whatever you eat, it’s your body not mine).
1)    “You’re vegetarian, so you eat fish?”
NO. By far the most irritating question there is. VEGETARIANS DON’T EAT FISH. Pescatarians eat fish. If you’re a veggie who eats fish you’re really not defined a veggie. A vegetarian is someone who eats animal products but not animals. Fish, although marine, are animals. At least I define them as animals.
2)    “Was it hard? Like HOW do you live without bacon?”
Honestly, the first two-four weeks were really hard. Predominantly because I didn’t know what to eat, my family didn’t know what to cook me and everything was seemingly impossible. But I think that is just because old habits die hard and I had been eating it for fifteen years. If you’re a newbie and debating whether it’s all worth it, give it a month. The cravings will subiside.
As for bacon, yes it still smells good. So does other meaty things I don’t eat. But just because they smell good it doesn’t mean I want to eat them. It’s animal flesh, not oxygen. I can survive
3)    “Are you going to make your kids be veggie?”
When I wed Sebastian Stan, Nate Buzolic or Chace Crawford I plan to feed my children a strict vegan diet until they’re eighteen and can make their own decisions, whilst living in a small country house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a picket fence.

Sarcasm aside: I haven’t any kids, or a husband. I’ll decide when that stuff actually happens.
4)    “Are you healthy? I mean, you don’t get any protein or iron?”
Are you a nutritionist?
Please be quiet then.
Any vegetarian can get any nutrients they need from foods other than animals. Granted, meats are notorious for their protein and iron etc. but we can be healthy and not eat them. If we do have a deficiency, just like meat-eaters, we can have supplements. To be honest, just like with any diet you have to watch what you eat and have the right stuff.
5)    “Do you mind me eating in front of you?”
No. Seriously, you don’t need an excuse or alibi. I am not going to lecture you about the process of killing cows. I may not personally agree with the animal food industry but it’s my choice to not eat meat. Not yours. So take your hamburger and eat it.
6)    “Why?”
I read an article about how vegetarianism was a healthier way of life, but I really didn't want to give up meat when I knew I could live a healthy life eating meat. However it did get me curious and then I read more articles… more about how they killed the animals etc.
I was always an animal lover, and after reading that I just couldn't understand how I could love a dog so much but eat a lamb so nonchalantly.
7)    “What do you even eat?”
Anything without meat. It isn't hard. There are many substitutes, like Quorn. Ever head of vegetables? Meat isn't in everything. I think the thing I miss most though is Jelly (jello), damn you gelatin!
8)    “Have you lost any weight?”
Awkward question. Yes, but I don’t really think that is because of being veggie.
9)    “What was the last meat thing you ate?”
McDonalds chicken nuggets. Not the worst way to go!

There we go, if you have any more questions leave them below or tweet me and I’ll get back to you.

Fun veggie pictures: