Summer/Spring Style Inspo

Winter is brilliant.
 No, really it is. Fluffy jumpers and red lipstick, what more could a girl want from a season? A few months to hide away in baggy clothing and wooly tights, all for the sake of “warmth” and well, fashion.
NEWSFLASH, it’s time to put the snowflake sweater away for a few months and show some skin… BABY IT’S SUMMER 2014.
Yep, it’s true. Summer has rolled around, I know its hard to believe for all us British gals’ still feeling the need to adapt to the cold weather with jumpers and jeans, but bottom line is, we’re going to get that sunshine spurt, and we need to be ready.
Now, I don’t think we can regard ourselves as fashionably on point in the summer, compared to winter, predominantly because we’re not entirely use to have the impetus to wear summer clothes; the lack of sunshine and all that. I think we all want to avoid our bum cheeks hanging our of a pair of Primark shorts we bought three years ago, (there's no point buying new ones considering we'll only have like a week of sun. You savvy devil you).

So let’s take some inspiration of the summer styled elite, who apparently are little better adjusted to the summer weather.

 Is there ever a season when Alexa Chung isn't on point? In fact, is there ever season you can't rock denim?
I think not. Denim is always, or at least for the most part in, and it is big this season. Like last year, we have the twists like dungarees and skirts, as well as the classic jeans and shorts.
I particularly like Chung's outfit for those awkward weather days where it is unacceptable to wear too much clothing, but not desirable to be showcasing those 'milk bottle' legs. The dungarees cover what need to be covered, and the shirt also gives a little more coverage too, whilst giving dues to Chung's natural vintage flair.
Also, the wedge? Okay, they add that feminine touch to those shapeless dungarees, but THEY'RE huge this year! Lets all pay our respects to the Duchess of Cambridge for bringing the wedge in this is season, they're so much easier to walk in than average heals AND give us height. 

I think we can conclude that Vanessa Hudgens floral game has improved just a bit since the days of HSM, yes?
Floral, I think, is a staple throughout any summer or spring. I personally prefer bigger floral prints like these as they look a little less like your Gran's curtains wrapped around your body. But, I do particularly enjoy this floral piece. It's modest -keep it classy ladies - with cut outs that add to that sexy summer look we all (secretly) want. AND, are those wedge I see right there? hmmm...

I'm not sure who this is, other than she has got some serious style. 
A Coachella girl showcases her all black pride. I think when going all black, especially in summer, it is best to show a little more skin (with maybe a bit more of a tan?) so we don't look a wicked witch. Black is so classy and such a flattering colour so in the words of Made in Chelsea's Victoria,

"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour,"

The hat and beachy, loose curls add that effortless summer theme we call love, and we can still enjoy our little black booties. I love this outfit!

So, who are some of your summer style icons? Or what trends are you guys particularly bothered about rocking this season?

Love Nat xoxo

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