Live for Yourself

“Life’s too short to be anything but happy,” – Anon
That, right there, is a concept that took me far too long to grasp.
For the predominant part of life I wanted to be the people pleaser. So that when people would talk about be it would be ‘Oh yeah, that’s Nat. She’s really nice.’
But since when did we live to earn each other’s approval? Why should we eat ourselves up because we fear that we’ll provoke the tenderness of someone’s opinion on us? Why are too many people afraid to be themselves and bask in all their self glory and worth?
I don’t live for you, I live for me.
You’re only ever going to see the work through your eyes, no matter how hard you try. Someone else’s perception of you or their world is so unimportant that it should never dim or dampen what you want to do or be.
Just think, think hard, of just a small three things that you have never done because you were afraid of what someone would say, or the whispers in the corridors if people found out. Whether it be blogging, vlogging, writing poetry or entering that art competition, singing in a musical or dancing in public, doing that stand up comedy, wearing that dress that everyone hates or those shoes that are SO last year.
NOW, write those three things down. However pretentious or hilarious, write them down and hold them close. Put that list somewhere safe (just not too safe that you forget where). By the end of this year, you NEED to have done all three. Or at least started.
Don’t let your light be dimmed just because someone else’s doesn't shine as bright.
And, as cringy and borderline blasphemy, YOLO. It IS your life to live as you wish, regardless of anyone else, so live it!

Some quotes to help you on your way:

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