Last Minute Revision Tips

We've all been there.
You've left all your studying to the very last minute and you don't know how to heck you're going to cram all that information into your brain. I'm here to help!
P.S. I'm not going to tell you no to leave it to the last minute, we all know that tips is a lost cause!

1) Get into a sleeping routine
Seriously, you'd be surprised at how much more awake and focused you feel if you've had a good nights sleep. Also, waking up that little bit earlier could mean you eating some of that vital knowledge that is bound to be the big question of the paper. 
a) 10PM is the latest you can be awake. No, seriously guys. You're body needs at least 8 hours sleep to function of a good day, without exam stress. Ideally aim to be asleep by 10. This requires all gadgets and gizmos off by about 9PM, then chill out with a book or a magazine in bed, until you're pretty  sure you can drift off. AVOID caffeine after 5 o'clock, that stuff screws up your sleeping pattern like no other!
b) Wake up at a set time each morning, and don't sleep in on weekends. It gets easier once your body is in a routine, depending on when your school opens, set your alarm.
 Don't you dare get back into bed. That defeats the object.You need to be productive. With this extra time you could do some cramming, or exercise to get your blood flowing and body awake, or maybe just chill and watch some TV or Youtube to get your mind off that two hour exam you have. 

2) Plan what your doing
"Okay, so from 4:30-5:30 I want to do English.
Then from 5:30-7:00 I want to do History.
From 7:00-9:00 I want to do Math"

We've all said that we're going to revise all night, in reality we end up watching Friends for three hours and scrolling down to the very first video of every Youtuber ever. 
My advice, plan realistically and EXACTLY what you are doing. You're not going to withstand three hours of self-inflicted Math, no-one can. So, take it easy. Do what you know you can, and you know that you need to know. This way you won't feel disheartened when you don't do everything you wanted, too. 

Okay, so eating eight kitkats a day is something that my doctor would probably shake her head at, but you need to chill. 
Your brain needs to relax and unwind so it can process the information that it going in and hopefully retain it, otherwise it will probably go in one ear and come out another. 
After a 10- 45 minute break you can also test yourself on what you thought you'd learned. Its been proven
 that being able to recall without help is one of the best methods of properly retaining information. 
So, put ya' feet up love, have a cuppa' tea; then test yourself seriously. 

Revision playlists are like Marmite. 
They either work for you, or they don't.
For me, they help me chill and make last-minute cramming a little more fun and helps to actually focused and awake. Some of my personal study listens are Ed Sheeran's +, Bastille, Imagine Dragons and He is We. 
BUT, these do come with a few health warnings.
1) Nothing jumpy or bouncy or dancy. I think these lead to more in distraction than studying.
2) Not to loud. There is a reason why Libraries are silent.
3) If you aren't retaining the information, turn it off. You DO need to study, and if you have to forfit some study fun, it'll be worth it!

Stressing isn't worth it. 
It'll work you up to the point you'll barely be able to speak coherently. If you feel like you're too stressy, pull back, have some ice cream and don't think about it for a few hours.
You're going to do better if you don't stress. You'll end up thinking more about what you don't know than what you do know, and that will NEVER be beneficial for any one. 

I hope these were helpful, and hopefully on Monday I'll be back with a more beauty-type post :)
Nat xoxo

Summer/Spring Style Inspo

Winter is brilliant.
 No, really it is. Fluffy jumpers and red lipstick, what more could a girl want from a season? A few months to hide away in baggy clothing and wooly tights, all for the sake of “warmth” and well, fashion.
NEWSFLASH, it’s time to put the snowflake sweater away for a few months and show some skin… BABY IT’S SUMMER 2014.
Yep, it’s true. Summer has rolled around, I know its hard to believe for all us British gals’ still feeling the need to adapt to the cold weather with jumpers and jeans, but bottom line is, we’re going to get that sunshine spurt, and we need to be ready.
Now, I don’t think we can regard ourselves as fashionably on point in the summer, compared to winter, predominantly because we’re not entirely use to have the impetus to wear summer clothes; the lack of sunshine and all that. I think we all want to avoid our bum cheeks hanging our of a pair of Primark shorts we bought three years ago, (there's no point buying new ones considering we'll only have like a week of sun. You savvy devil you).

So let’s take some inspiration of the summer styled elite, who apparently are little better adjusted to the summer weather.

 Is there ever a season when Alexa Chung isn't on point? In fact, is there ever season you can't rock denim?
I think not. Denim is always, or at least for the most part in, and it is big this season. Like last year, we have the twists like dungarees and skirts, as well as the classic jeans and shorts.
I particularly like Chung's outfit for those awkward weather days where it is unacceptable to wear too much clothing, but not desirable to be showcasing those 'milk bottle' legs. The dungarees cover what need to be covered, and the shirt also gives a little more coverage too, whilst giving dues to Chung's natural vintage flair.
Also, the wedge? Okay, they add that feminine touch to those shapeless dungarees, but THEY'RE huge this year! Lets all pay our respects to the Duchess of Cambridge for bringing the wedge in this is season, they're so much easier to walk in than average heals AND give us height. 

I think we can conclude that Vanessa Hudgens floral game has improved just a bit since the days of HSM, yes?
Floral, I think, is a staple throughout any summer or spring. I personally prefer bigger floral prints like these as they look a little less like your Gran's curtains wrapped around your body. But, I do particularly enjoy this floral piece. It's modest -keep it classy ladies - with cut outs that add to that sexy summer look we all (secretly) want. AND, are those wedge I see right there? hmmm...

I'm not sure who this is, other than she has got some serious style. 
A Coachella girl showcases her all black pride. I think when going all black, especially in summer, it is best to show a little more skin (with maybe a bit more of a tan?) so we don't look a wicked witch. Black is so classy and such a flattering colour so in the words of Made in Chelsea's Victoria,

"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour,"

The hat and beachy, loose curls add that effortless summer theme we call love, and we can still enjoy our little black booties. I love this outfit!

So, who are some of your summer style icons? Or what trends are you guys particularly bothered about rocking this season?

Love Nat xoxo

Live for Yourself

“Life’s too short to be anything but happy,” – Anon
That, right there, is a concept that took me far too long to grasp.
For the predominant part of life I wanted to be the people pleaser. So that when people would talk about be it would be ‘Oh yeah, that’s Nat. She’s really nice.’
But since when did we live to earn each other’s approval? Why should we eat ourselves up because we fear that we’ll provoke the tenderness of someone’s opinion on us? Why are too many people afraid to be themselves and bask in all their self glory and worth?
I don’t live for you, I live for me.
You’re only ever going to see the work through your eyes, no matter how hard you try. Someone else’s perception of you or their world is so unimportant that it should never dim or dampen what you want to do or be.
Just think, think hard, of just a small three things that you have never done because you were afraid of what someone would say, or the whispers in the corridors if people found out. Whether it be blogging, vlogging, writing poetry or entering that art competition, singing in a musical or dancing in public, doing that stand up comedy, wearing that dress that everyone hates or those shoes that are SO last year.
NOW, write those three things down. However pretentious or hilarious, write them down and hold them close. Put that list somewhere safe (just not too safe that you forget where). By the end of this year, you NEED to have done all three. Or at least started.
Don’t let your light be dimmed just because someone else’s doesn't shine as bright.
And, as cringy and borderline blasphemy, YOLO. It IS your life to live as you wish, regardless of anyone else, so live it!

Some quotes to help you on your way: