The Suicidal Cut | #HairTime

We've all been there.

Years of growing, caring and nurturing. The compliments come in over you spectacular length. You receive them gratifyingly, claiming 'I grew it myself'.

Then, at that moment, you have the urge to commit suicide. Hair Suicide.

Does it sound familiar?

Three years, I think, since my last - shoulder - cut. It was an inverted bob with a fringe, a blatant attempt at the iconic era of Jessie J's Do it like a Dude. There is no real defense, I was thirteen and she was 'mega dope'.

Three years later, it's waist length, with a Zoella inspired ombre, (though I do significantly remember seeing Drew Barrymore with it, not long after my snip. 2 years before the rush for a half head of highlights). Oh, and I want the scissors.

Partly, I blame Arden Rose, for having beautiful short hair. The part is that whenever I manage to grow my hair to any significant length, the urge to cut kicks in. It take all my will power up not to, so much so that my will power to resist that chocolate Santa in beside me is little to none.

 Some pictures?

I think the comfort and simple nature of having long hair is what is preventing me from going under.

I've been used to long for quite a while. I think it's a little like a shield. I love the homeliness of it more than the actual rack of hair.

What would you do? Opinions?

Natalie xx