A re-introduction and 25 Questions


It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, I suppose it has. But since our last *proper* post I there have been a few changes. Like a new name. So, I thought it was more than just to re-introduce little, old me?

Basically, I'm sweet 16, living the high life (literally, 5'10'', yes, the weather is nice up here) in rainy old Britain. To bring your obvious wandering questions to a halt, it does rain a lot, I prefer coffee and no, I don't speak like that. Despite my current ambition to bag a role on Made in Chelsea!
Similar to a frenzy of girls, I want to move to London, live in a little flat with my bestest chum, work at a fashion magazine, and hopefully meet my very own Mr. Darcy (it was always Mark Darcy, Bridget).

25 Questions? Any takers?

What is your middle name?

Paige. Funny story actually, my dad wanted me to be called Paige. My mother didn't. She waited until my dad had left then signed the birth certificate as Natalie (Tilly). She was a wild one! 

Favourite subject (in school)?

Probably Business Studies. But, I'm looking forward to starting Photography next year!

Favourite Drink?

Coffee or Red Bush Tea. Warm drink lover.

Favourite Song, at the moment?

Of the Night - Bastille

What would you name your children?

For a boy, Noah or Isaac. For a girl, Lucia or Eliza.

Any Sports?

Ha, no. I was quite good at cricket, however, I'm not sure I was playing to the right rules. Needless to say, P.E. wasn't my favourite subject!

Favourite Book?

One Day, or The Perks Of Being a Wallflower.

Favourite colour?

Washed out pink or emerald green.

Favourite Animal?

Domestic animal would be a dog. A wild animal would be a Giraffe, they're tall, like me. We get each other!

Favourite Perfume?

Nina - Nina Ricci or Coco - Chanel

Favourite Holiday?

If we follow the British meaning, probably when I went America!

The American meaning, would have to be CHRISTMAS. I find wrapping presents therapeutic, just me?

Done with High School? 

Less than six months, *cue the happy, end scene dance of a musical*

Been abroad?
Indeed, 10 times! I love travelling!

Speak any Languages?

Dribs and Drabs of French. Even less Italian!


I live with one, another I don't (who lives with a step sibling) and one on the way (MY FIRST BRO)

Favourite Shop?

A little vintage shop near to where I live, or probably Topshop or Primark. Rather different, I know this!

Favourite Restaurant? 

I don't eat out enough to have a favourite restaurant. 

Do you like school?

Predominantly, yeah, it's quite cool!

Favourite Youtubers?

Beauty/Fashion: VoussantBeauetBelle, HelloOctober, LLYMLS, BeautyBaby44, Zoella, velvetgh0st ,SprinkleofGlittr, FashionRocksMySocks, Arden Rose and Meghan Reinks.

Other: KickthePJ, BertieBertG, Danisnotonfire, JacksGap, MusicalBethan, EmmaBlackery.

Favourite Movie:

Avengers Assemble, The Internship and One Day.

Favourite TV shows?

The Originals, The Carrie Diaries, Awkward, Doctor Who and Made in Chelsea.

PC or Mac?

Mac yearner, PC user.

What phone do you have?

This really old HTC desire. Hopefully getting the new HTC One Mini by Santa.

How tall are you?

5'10'' we've been through this already :P

Any Pets?

3 West Highland White Terriors. Polly (mumm dog), Piper (the lad), and Ellie (the lanky, angry dog)

This has been nice. We should do it again sometime!

Nat x