The Final Sun(ny)day

 Concluding we are well into October, I think it's only fair to say that we are reaching our final SUNdays with pretty blue skies, a view-able ground. So we all hiked up to my grandparent's house to make a day of the nice weather, despite me having a ton of homework!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pictures I snapped while I faced the back field. The first one is a picture of my Nan's pear tree. When I took it I didn't realise how phenomenal the sky looked. It's stunning!

The  apple tree

Dog #1
Dog #2
We made a turn over with the apples! 

The front porch, with new trees!

Close up of the tree!

It's coming!! (this was taken in March! Remember the snow, in march? March?!)

That is all. Shabby, lazy post. I've been busy! 


  1. Your garden is so pretty very English haha <3

    Emma xo

    1. Thank you, bar the mass destruction of mud courtesy of the rabbits :P! I know, I kind of realised how British it all looked whist uploading it. Ha ha, oh gosh. Now, I'll have to end this comment my tea and crumpet are getting cold :P xx