(Prior) Winter/Autumn Lipsticks/ Reviews

I love switching seasons because it gives me an excuse to switch my make-up. Who can complain?

In all honesty, I think that make-up is such a personal thing that although I love to mix it up when the seasons change, it stays quite similar from season to season. I'm not one to follow make-up trends (unless they're fabulous) but prefer to find what I think best expresses me through my make-up.

A big belief of mine is that a various lipstick colours can transform any dull outfit/face, into an instant 'I made an effort!'. They're like the casual dresses of make-up!

Here are my main 3 for this Autumn/Winter!

1) Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Galactic Mauve

Is quite a mauve/purple/nude colour, with tiny specs of gold glitter. It comes out very sheer on the lips, so don't be frightened of the definite purple tone to it. I think it goes with most my nude/smokey make-up looks, it doesn't add too much; just enough. Unlike other Maybelline Color Sensations I've had, from some experience this just hasn't stayed on as long, but I'm not too bother because it doesn't leave my lips dry when it does fade.

£7.19 (Superdrug)

2) MUA Lipstick Shade 1 (not on website)

Is a cherry/Vampy red depending on how much you apply. I don't think the classic red lip needs much justification, but I think this brand does. MUA offer extremely cheap product with a mediocre range and quality. This particular lipstick (though it's the only MUA one I own, suggest any others?) stays on my lips for a solid 2/3 hours without need of re applying; however, friends have reported that she was reapplying every 30-45 minutes to keep it bold. Change of formula? I don't know! But, really, for £1 I struggle to complain!

£1 (Superdrug)

3) MAC Angel

The colour is a classic salmon/pink/nude. By far my favourite nude, in need of re-purchasing. Although, on some days, I find it drys a little, if I apply a sheer balm before I am usually fine! My only problem is the price. Now at £15, it's quite a stretch for me! At best on minimum wage, I can't really afford to give money away on lipstick! Any suggestions for 'Angel' dupes?

What are your Autumn/Winter lipsticks?

Tilly x


  1. MAC angel looks gorgeous - I have been meaning to pick it up for a while, but the price puts me off! I wish I could find a dupe!
    Becky xx


    1. I love it, I do. But, thinking about it I don't think it's worth as much as I paid for it. I mean, it only lasts as long as any other lipstick that I can get for half the price. And, although it's my favourite colour, it isn't anything different, you know? Just a nude/pink. Nothing new! I'm going to go Superdrug/Boots crawling soon to see if I can find a dupe! I'll message you if I find one! :D x