Lucy Watson, your hair. Please.

As sit here, graciously slurping on my hazelnut latte and catching up on Made in Chelsea, beyond the burning desire to be a  Chelsea socialite I notice that I am a little smitten with Lucy's hair.

Am I wrong? After reading an interview with her I found out that she is very self conscious about her hair, but I think it's the best on the show. Lovely soft and gradual ombre it really is stunning. In fact it's got me thinking about taking a plunge into the depths of peroxide once more! I think that ombre alone is such a versatile and flattering style. It adds depth and concept to ones hair, especially when I my hair going through the winter blues. Then, it easily transactions into summer with beachy waves and salt spray! 

But, her dark hair was also gorgeous! In fact, can we just settle on the fact that Watson is precious. #TeamWatson this season. Don't you agree? The Louise and Spenny thing is getting old and personally, I want a Stevie plot line. That would be lovely! 

Who has the best hair in Chelsea, for you? Ooh, and what are you thinking for this latest season?

Tilly x

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