Accessories 101: The Scarf

The humble scarf is utterly fantastic.

To mask your neck and chest from the bitter outside to giving some life to your circle skirt and shirt. Tie around you head, much resembling a washer-woman from the 40's, or to belt up your jeans. The simplest to go from ab-drab to ab-fab is a scarf. Trust me on this one!

However,  scarves aren't all that easy. A pink pin-striped hello kitty scarf won't do quite as much justice as a Chanel stole.

But let's keep it primary and stick to the three best scarves, or ways of perfecting your scarf.

1) The Equestrian Scarves
My favourite type of chic scarves. I like the square ones best as I can tie them around my neck in a bow like a neck tie, very vogue! Ralph Lauren have their infamous array of scarves, the ones which should be in my scarf drawer but apparently my bank account disagrees!

2) The Stole
Often mistaken for a wrap, being  longer and wider but I think that they come into the category? Let's pretend if you don't because I don't think any 'scarf' collection is quite complete without one. My Nan has an amazing collection of stoles that she's collected from Italy and over her travel. Ones that I would very much like to 'borrow', I'd also not mind a Chanel Stole, but I don't think my bank account is quite up for it yet!

Click here for some very expensive Stoles
Click here for some actually affordable ones

3) The Classic Woolly Scarf

Does this need an explanation. I think not, they're cozy and predominantly chic! Especially when they're Coco Chanel

Less affordable scarves
Rather affordable scarves

So, to conclude, get some scarves in your life!

Nat x

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