The KingMasta of eliminating Blackheads | Neutrogena Visibly Clear BH Eliminating Scrub

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Black Head Eliminating Scrub

Hi guys, sorry for being a little MIA; this is the first actual post I've written in a while! Just a hell of a lot of work, but I managed a A in French and to bring my D to a B in two weeks in English Lit and managed another A in the Sciences, it's worth it.

However, exam stress and the changing seasons have been FAR from kind on my skin. This year I've experienced a black head EPIDEMIC! I haven't had them bad since I was 13 and didn't know how to remove make-up, this Autumn, it's been awful. Nothing had shifted them, not even my holy grail 'Clean and Clear: Blackhead Clearing Cleanser' which usually does the trick. 
So, in desperate attempt to get gone I raided the shelves of Tesco and found this little King. Although, now I'm kind of peeved that Boots had it for cheaper, it's been awesome! I haven't been THIS clear in a while. It literally is action from day 1!

Can we all appreciate my awkwardness in photo's? As I try and tell you how to wash your face! Very nice, Nat, very nice! 

What are your blackhead holy grails? Any offers are loved!

Tilly xx

Lucy Watson, your hair. Please.

As sit here, graciously slurping on my hazelnut latte and catching up on Made in Chelsea, beyond the burning desire to be a  Chelsea socialite I notice that I am a little smitten with Lucy's hair.

Am I wrong? After reading an interview with her I found out that she is very self conscious about her hair, but I think it's the best on the show. Lovely soft and gradual ombre it really is stunning. In fact it's got me thinking about taking a plunge into the depths of peroxide once more! I think that ombre alone is such a versatile and flattering style. It adds depth and concept to ones hair, especially when I my hair going through the winter blues. Then, it easily transactions into summer with beachy waves and salt spray! 

But, her dark hair was also gorgeous! In fact, can we just settle on the fact that Watson is precious. #TeamWatson this season. Don't you agree? The Louise and Spenny thing is getting old and personally, I want a Stevie plot line. That would be lovely! 

Who has the best hair in Chelsea, for you? Ooh, and what are you thinking for this latest season?

Tilly x

Dear Primark, one is least pleased.

Primark. Consider this my rant of the century!

It probably won't be, but I'm fuming.

Now, Primark is infamous across the UK for it's cheap, mishap clothing. I've heard the horror stories, you get what you pay for, I know. But, apart from a stitch or so out, I'd never had a problem. In fact, I've got a pair of boots that I've had 3 years, now, from Primark! Predominantly, if the clothing has had a bit of wear and tear, I can get over it, for what it's worth. 

However, this took the biscuit.

Not one leg, both legs!
I can deal with it if I had worn them for my £10 worth. But I had worn them once. They were fine, then I put them on today had breakfast looked down and 'hey, I can see my legs.'

It's not even as if I was trying to squeeze my  size 12 arse into a size six?

Not happy, primark!

Tilly x

The Final Sun(ny)day

 Concluding we are well into October, I think it's only fair to say that we are reaching our final SUNdays with pretty blue skies, a view-able ground. So we all hiked up to my grandparent's house to make a day of the nice weather, despite me having a ton of homework!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pictures I snapped while I faced the back field. The first one is a picture of my Nan's pear tree. When I took it I didn't realise how phenomenal the sky looked. It's stunning!

The  apple tree

Dog #1
Dog #2
We made a turn over with the apples! 

The front porch, with new trees!

Close up of the tree!

It's coming!! (this was taken in March! Remember the snow, in march? March?!)

That is all. Shabby, lazy post. I've been busy! 

(Prior) Winter/Autumn Lipsticks/ Reviews

I love switching seasons because it gives me an excuse to switch my make-up. Who can complain?

In all honesty, I think that make-up is such a personal thing that although I love to mix it up when the seasons change, it stays quite similar from season to season. I'm not one to follow make-up trends (unless they're fabulous) but prefer to find what I think best expresses me through my make-up.

A big belief of mine is that a various lipstick colours can transform any dull outfit/face, into an instant 'I made an effort!'. They're like the casual dresses of make-up!

Here are my main 3 for this Autumn/Winter!

1) Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Galactic Mauve

Is quite a mauve/purple/nude colour, with tiny specs of gold glitter. It comes out very sheer on the lips, so don't be frightened of the definite purple tone to it. I think it goes with most my nude/smokey make-up looks, it doesn't add too much; just enough. Unlike other Maybelline Color Sensations I've had, from some experience this just hasn't stayed on as long, but I'm not too bother because it doesn't leave my lips dry when it does fade.

£7.19 (Superdrug)

2) MUA Lipstick Shade 1 (not on website)

Is a cherry/Vampy red depending on how much you apply. I don't think the classic red lip needs much justification, but I think this brand does. MUA offer extremely cheap product with a mediocre range and quality. This particular lipstick (though it's the only MUA one I own, suggest any others?) stays on my lips for a solid 2/3 hours without need of re applying; however, friends have reported that she was reapplying every 30-45 minutes to keep it bold. Change of formula? I don't know! But, really, for £1 I struggle to complain!

£1 (Superdrug)

3) MAC Angel

The colour is a classic salmon/pink/nude. By far my favourite nude, in need of re-purchasing. Although, on some days, I find it drys a little, if I apply a sheer balm before I am usually fine! My only problem is the price. Now at £15, it's quite a stretch for me! At best on minimum wage, I can't really afford to give money away on lipstick! Any suggestions for 'Angel' dupes?

What are your Autumn/Winter lipsticks?

Tilly x

Accessories 101: The Scarf

The humble scarf is utterly fantastic.

To mask your neck and chest from the bitter outside to giving some life to your circle skirt and shirt. Tie around you head, much resembling a washer-woman from the 40's, or to belt up your jeans. The simplest to go from ab-drab to ab-fab is a scarf. Trust me on this one!

However,  scarves aren't all that easy. A pink pin-striped hello kitty scarf won't do quite as much justice as a Chanel stole.

But let's keep it primary and stick to the three best scarves, or ways of perfecting your scarf.

1) The Equestrian Scarves
My favourite type of chic scarves. I like the square ones best as I can tie them around my neck in a bow like a neck tie, very vogue! Ralph Lauren have their infamous array of scarves, the ones which should be in my scarf drawer but apparently my bank account disagrees!

2) The Stole
Often mistaken for a wrap, being  longer and wider but I think that they come into the category? Let's pretend if you don't because I don't think any 'scarf' collection is quite complete without one. My Nan has an amazing collection of stoles that she's collected from Italy and over her travel. Ones that I would very much like to 'borrow', I'd also not mind a Chanel Stole, but I don't think my bank account is quite up for it yet!

Click here for some very expensive Stoles
Click here for some actually affordable ones

3) The Classic Woolly Scarf

Does this need an explanation. I think not, they're cozy and predominantly chic! Especially when they're Coco Chanel

Less affordable scarves
Rather affordable scarves

So, to conclude, get some scarves in your life!

Nat x