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Oh, well look at that; I have a brace (and also a lob sided smile, I just noticed).  Today, this brace face had her train tracks tightened (yes, they are aching, thank you for asking), and she (I) was reminded of 'THE BRACE DIET'.

Now, if you a new to the concept of braces, they glue weights on each tooth and connect them with a wire that pulls your teeth either closer or further apart, whichever is applicable. If you are familiar with braces, you'll know that they are very sore for the first few days of being on or tightened. Thus, 'THE BRACE DIET'.

Although, I would never recommend this diet for a continuous use, soups/liquids are just about all that you can get past your mouth for the first few days. It's like you mouth is theoretically clamped together. But, if -for whatever reason - you need to go by a 'liquid to mouth' diet, I thought I'd share some light on some things to eat.

    1) Soup Obvious, but brilliant. The best thing about soups is that there is SO many variations, it's impossible to get bored. Being to lovely blogger I am, I thought I'd share some yummy flavours that you must try!

    2) Smoothies Home made smoothies are the best, especially if you keep them healthy! Okay, so these may not technically be classed as a 'meal' but they are nice and filling to have rather than a snack, or if you want something to eat as a desert. Smoothie ideas? Check out this site: Mmm, smoothies
    3) Yogurts are scrummy. I love the Muller ones, I could live of them even if I wasn't in pain. If you are a girl who won't eat processed, I found a link to make your own yogurt at home. Just click on me, to take you there. I wouldn't add the nuts like on the picture below, but that one is my own picture, and we had nuts. Nuts will be a no go for a few months! 

    So, I gave you those. I also thought I'd offer my knowledge to help you get over the pain stage, as effortlessly and smoothly as possible, and even some general tips for braces. Yes, you are welcome!

    1. TEAR THAT FOOD, when you want to transfer to solids, tear it up as small as you can. It's less to chew, thus hurting less.
    2. If you want your 5-a-day, although it may not be quite as good as raw, boil your veg to make them softer. I also recommend banana's for munching!
    3. Avoid meat intake when possible. Steaks and ribs can be hard and hurtful to chew.
    4. Eat SLOW. It helps, just trust me on this one, it helps.
    5. Do regular salt rinses, it works as an anti septic to prevent painful infections.
    Okay, that's pretty much it, but just DON'T FORGET TO BRUSH. LIKE EVER!

    I thought I'd still put some motivation up, because you know, why not?

    Natie Noodles x

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