Lovely Labels

Why, oh why must all my taste be for items that cost a arm and a leg to a wretched teen girl as myself. Jeffery Campbell's and American Apparel why must you be so out of reach. Flipping the pages of magazine after magazine my heart sinks as the reality anchors down that the beauties I adore are too out of reach. Aspiring for gold but only ever reaching copper. Why am I yet another moronic follower to hefty price tags and pretty little things.
Hopefully, I wish so mighty, I may not be the only one who finds it near impossible and highly improbably not to succumb to infinite numbers on the labels. I thought I should share my weaknesses with you in hope of a companion on my frightful quest to stop my expensive addiction.

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Aren't these just perfect? Poste Mistress Victoria zip up boot black numbuck, pricing at £130 in office isn't quite the price I need for someone with a hole in their wallet. It's just everything about them though, the cork/wood heal, swede black boot and the little pull on the ankle.  I think they're are absolutely the most precious thing ever. I NEED them in my life.
See the boots...

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This is like the beautiful outcome when rogue met class. The black peak at the front and open back(see link) give it such an urban, almost naughty feel but the black lace gives such a sophisticated aroma.
A little black dress like this can be dressed up or down; in my opinion a staple for any girls wardrobe.
However this Lulu dress prices at £84.62 on Naughty Gal which is considered rather pricey for the lack of material in it. Nether the less, it is stunning.
Want to see the Lulu dress for yourself?

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SHORTS, light wash, denim shorts. The vintage feel to them makes the butterflies in my stomach flap with glee. I literally have no words, just look at them. They're my summer go to. However being American Apparel the cost isn't quite as appealing. Grossing at £52.00 is a little out of price range for a pair of shorts. Maybe if they were a full legnth jean I could begin to justify but they're not. They're just stunning.
Check 'em out?

Have I found a friend?



  1. Love all these clothes, you have such good taste! Thank you for you lovely comment on my blog and for the follow, I'll definitely follow you back I love your blog! xo

    1. Thank you muchly! I love you're blog too, it was one of the first I followed. Thank you so much for the follow back!!

  2. I LOVE those boots. I've been on the look out for a new pair and these are just perfect xxx

    1. I know right? They are absolutely gorgeous! I fell in love with them the second I saw them. It's such a shame the price tag is so hefty! :) xx