J'adore Dior

I was doing my usual browsing of the internet, in which I found myself once again drawn to the Vogue website. Oh gosh.
www.vogue.co.uk < Pretty much where I waste my day drooling at designers that are far from my league, todays being Christian Dior's Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection. Soon I found myself day dreaming of actually being able to wear these, then my rocket in the clouds cam crashing down when I realised I'm an unemployed teen who can barely afford a pack of Wriggly's Extra chewing gum. So, I concluded the best I could do is share my opinion with you. Shall we begin?

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Is this not perfect in a dress? The dog tooth pattern up top is stunning. Personally, dog tooth is one of my favourite winter patterns. It's also a pattern that goes from season to season like a bad cold. It always adds a vintage kind of feel to an outfit, don't you think? Also, the black midi skirt with the grey panel. I literally adore midi's, unfortunately I always find I just look frumpy in them. Unlike this model, maybe I could look that good in a midi if I had a dress like this. Maybe I should ask my mum for an extra special birthday prezzie? The way the midi and almost bandeau like top mesh together is just so delicate and elegant, I honestly think I'm in love.

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Handbags, clutches, purses = my secret obsession. Considering I go school; the majority of bags I use are intended to hold folders and books thus rather large and bordering tatty nowadays. Despite my lack of grand bags it has never stopped me living in awe on the ones that reside in my computer screen. Much like this one. I can honestly say, I've never seen anything quite as cute as this. The pastel colour scheme is... just pastel perfect, need I say more? Plus, that little shoe on the front. It's almost child like, yet runway worthy. Christian Dior, you've done it again; addicted me to yet another one of your flawless creations that I certainly can't afford.

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It's a gracious day when a mere picture of a piece of art work such as this literally makes me gasp. Again, Dior nips at the idea that genius is found in the most childish of fashions. The simple shoes decorate the sublime white body-con dress, then that white sheer skirt just finishes it all off. I'm done, seriously done. I have no words to offer but it's just simply breath taking to me. Please tell me we'll have dupes on the market soon, please? I need one of these in my life! Christian, are you trying to kill me with your brilliance?

Copyright to GoRunway
I was a little iffy on whether or not to comment on the make-up in this post, but why not? It's almost just as perfect. Runway make-up always seems to captivate me like no other make-up does. I'm not sure whether it's the craftsmanship, show stopping feel or whether I'm just in love with the idea of catwalks, I just love it. The ombre lips had me in an instant, does anyone know how to do them at home? I really do hope they're achievable, they're just endorsing! Oh, but wait, the statement eyeliner too? I'm on the train track of loving and hating it. I always find that's the best place to be though, it wouldn't be statement else.

What's you favourite designer and their work? Or season?

Tilly x


  1. Hi just found your blog! I love this post, all the pictures especially the first dress - its so striking. I adored the Burberry collection at London Fashion week, it was incredible and the make up was stunning. Cara Delevingne made an appearance aswell and she's my favourite runway model of the moment! Great post.

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy :) x


    1. I loved the Burberry collection, they had a skirt in their collection I think I may have killed for. And thank you! :) xx