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10 TV Shows to Stress-Binge Watch ASAP

Some people stress eat. Some people stress watch. Personally, I do both.
Honestly, around exam time I end up watching so much stuff on Netflix. I think it just helps me escape when I’m feeling a little stressed out. A TV programme should do 3 things for effective stress binging:

 1) It needs to let you escape from the stress.

It needs to take your mind off of the work that you should be doing.  

2) It should have a ‘dip in and out’ kind of style to it.
It should be something fairly lax. Something that you can watch an episode of without getting so invested that you have to binge watch the whole season (although you can if you want to). Or something that you could watch an episode of without having to watch all 13-seasons before it.    

3) Episodes should be short.
Obviously, if you’re stressed out, there are things you’re meant to be doing other than watching TV. Not doing those things is only going to stress you more. So, episodes should be short, about 20 minutes long. 20 minutes is enough time for a break, but not too much time that you’ll waste 5 hours just watching a few episodes.

Just in case you still don't know what to stress binge, I've got 10 programmes that you should probably watch even if you're not stress binging.

Peep Show

-       The two dysfunctional friends are strangely relatable.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air (seasons 1-3)

-       This show is brilliant as the episodes don’t really follow on from each other, 10/10 dip in and out of ability. Side bonus: you will be able to learn the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” rap and impress all your friends at parties after watching it.

 Absolutely Fabulous

       The show your mum tells you to watch. You probably should. It is hilarious. It is a British sit-com          classic that you kind of have to watch at some point.
        ++ The theme tune is very catchy.

 The IT Crowd

-           I thought I would explain this show with a few of my favourite quotes:
o   Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
o   I've fallen to the communists!
o   I came here to drink milk and kick ass... and I've just finished my milk.
o   Hello, I'd like to order a pizza please (giggles to himself)... and can I have it with extra grapes? (giggles even more)
o   Prepare to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming them along with this slice of humble pie, that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark 'egg on your face'.

Futurama/Simpsons/Rick and Morty

-           Cartoons are great because you don’t get emotionally invested.

The Mighty Boosh

-             This show is ridiculous, but you’ll love it. There is no way that you can watch this show and not be     thoroughly amused. It is the contrast between Vince Noir and Howard Moon that make the whole    show. You’ll probably strongly identify with one of them, like on a spiritual level. I’m a Howard at heart but pretend to be a Vince.

Gavin and Stacey

Actually my favourite TV show ever.

Bad Education

-       If you like Jack Whitehall but have already watched Fresh Meat 5 times over, try this.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

-       My most recent stress-binged series. The beauty of this show is the clash of personalities within the team of the detectives, that is how the humour is made. There will be at least one character you will fall in love with (Holt <3).

The Thick of It

  Malcolm Tucker is what I wanted Peter Calpaldi’s doctor to be like

You're welcome, enjoy.

April Listens

Yes, I am doing an April Listens. Despite the impending 3-hour exam at the end of the week I am writing this blog post. I am a blog-trooper (lmao why). Honestly, even though it’s not appreciated as much as my other posts, my ‘Listens’ segment on my blog is my favourite thing to do every month. I’m far from properly informed or trained in music, but it is nice to just gush about the stuff that I have been listening to and loving for the month long.

 Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac

This is perhaps my favourite album. Anyone who knows me at all, know that I live for 'the mac'. Particularly this album. I can listen to it from Big Love to You and I, front to back. I love this album for 3 reasons:
1.     Pure escapism. I feel majestic and wonderful listening to this album. God bless Seven Wonders.
2.     It is genuinely uplifting. A very upbeat album, it is hard to be stressed and listen to this.
3.     It has got some of favourite mac songs on: Seven Wonders, Everywhere, Mystified, Little Lies, When I See You Again. (tbh, the whole album. Soz Rumours)

Ten by Pearl Jam

This month for me has been a month of revisiting. The albums I have been listening to are tried and tested ‘Nat Albums’. I know that I love them. I know that they do something for me. I also know them so well; I don’t have to pay them any proper attention. That means I can groovey and get on with ALL the work I need to be getting on with. An example of that is Pearl Jam’s Ten. Again, probably one of my favourite albums, ever. I even know most of the words to the songs, which (for me) is testament to how much I love and have listened to this album.

Favourite songs would be: Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Oceans, Gardens.

 Hunky Dory by David Bowie

I don’t know what I find so therapeutic about this album, but something about it just makes me feel completely as ease. Even though I know and love university as whole, my university room is another story. When I walked into this room last Sunday, I felt a black, melancholic cloud come over. I just felt sad. I felt down. With a suitcase, two huge bags and groceries to unpack, I wacked this record into my player and got on with it. Within thirty seconds of it playing I was sing along. I still felt a little down, but I just felt a little less on edge with le Bowie by my side (loves).

Favourite songs: Changes, Life on Mars, Oh! You Pretty Things, Queen Bitch, The Brewely Brothers.